Best Games at Online Poker Rooms

Poker games have gained prominence in the online gaming industry today. This is because more gamers are getting hooked to this simple table and card game compared with any other online games available in the market. Its simple gameplay of just having the best possible hand combination to win a session has truly brought it to the limelight of the gaming industry. Players can readily play this for free and just for fun or be competitive and be part of some of the huge poker tournaments worldwide. #/p#p Moreover, the continuous development of various poker game variants has justified its popularity among gamers across different platforms. This has led some of the known game software providers in the industry to produce poker game titles with varying gameplays based on these poker variants. Here are some variants of the best online poker games available in the industry today:

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is considered as the most popular and most played poker variant in the gaming industry today. Some of the best online poker games hosted in different gaming sites today use this variant because of its easy gameplay mechanics. But before this game starts, players must ensure that the playing deck is complete before the dealer starts dealing the hole and community cards. #/p#p Hole cards are the players' cards dealt before the wagering process begins. The dealer deals two cards each player which will serve as their active cards until the game ends. These cards will be dealt faced down and only the players will get to see his or her cards until the last round ends wherein all cards will be revealed to determine the winner.

The dealer will then deal with the community cards. Three cards will be initially dealt which will be called the flop. The wagering process will then commence after the flop cards are revealed. During this process, players will have an option to either raise or increase the played stake, call or match the raised wager, or fold or call it quits and surrender their cards to the dealer. Folded cards will end the player's chances of winning the game since it signifies that they quit the game.

Two more rounds will be played after this round wherein the fourth and fifth community cards will be dealt. The fourth card, also known as the turn, and the fifth, also known as the river, will complete all community cards. Each round will have the same wagering process until the winner is determined. Players need to complete the best five-card hand combination on the table to take home the prize at stake.

Aside from online game sessions, this variant is also used in huge poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker which posts huge jackpot amounts for its tournament winners. #/p#h Omaha #/h#p Meanwhile, the Omaha variant has the same gameplay with Texas Hold'em except that each player will be dealt with four hole cards in the start of each game. However, only two hole cards can be used to complete their final hands. Moreover, five community cards are immediately placed on the table after the hole cards are dealt. Players need to complete the best five-card combination composed of two of their hole cards and three of the community cards to win the game. This variant is best played with huge stakes since its fast-paced with easy gameplay mechanics.

5 Card Stud

On the other hand, 5 Card Stud is another exciting poker variant which brings each player's "A-game" for each poker session. The dealer starts off by dealing two hole cards per player. However, one of the hole cards is dealt faced-up. This makes the succeeding rounds more challenging since all active players get to see one of the hole cards their opponents have. #/p#p The same wagering process follows wherein the dealer deals the turn and the river after the flop cards are played. Players can readily raise, call, or fold their cards after each round. They can even fold right away after the hole cards are dealt if they think that they have a weaker hand compared with other players. Also, the player with the highest faced-up card will start each round of the said process.

Caribbean Stud

This poker variant has slightly different gameplay with the usual poker games played in the industry nowadays. Instead of competing with other players around the table, a player directly goes against the dealer in Caribbean Stud poker. Before the hole cards are dealt, the initial wager should be placed and played actively on the table. #/p#p Five hole cards will be dealt to the player and the dealer. The player gets to see all his or her placed cards, as well as one of the dealer's cards. They can now either raise the wager, call the raised stake, or fold their hand. After this process is done, all cards will be shown on the table and the best hand combination wins the total stake played.  There are other Caribbean Stud variants which offer progressive jackpots for more chances in winning big on the table. #/p#p Players can also try other variants of this popular table and card game which offer rewarding payout values, bonus incentives, and freeroll tournaments. These include selections of Seven-Card Stud, 2-7 Triple Draw, Chinese Poker, Five-Card Draw, Razz, Horse, and a lot more. But before placing any wager, it is still best for them to familiarize themselves on the varying gameplays of these other poker games.